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Psalm 90

Rob takes a look at Psalm 90.

Rob Hibbitt  |  18-07-21

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Kingdom Come – Acts 28:1-31

Rob looks at Acts 28:1-31, the last chapter in the Book of Acts.

Rob Hibbitt  |  27-06-21

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Acts 25:1-27

Rob looks at Acts 25:1-17 and what we can learn from Paul’s second legal defense to the new Roman Governor, Festus.

Rob Hibbitt  |  30-05-21

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Oaths, vows and pledges

Rob takes a look at Acts 23:12-35 and the plot to kill Paul, the apostle by men who have taken an oath.

Rob Hibbitt  |  16-05-21

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The Backdrop, The Result and The Hope

Rob looks at Samuel the prophet’s calling (1 Sam 3), its backdrop, the result and the hope that God gives and compares that with Jesus’ ministry and ours. The application mentioned: 1 Samuel 3:10 – presents us with a prophetic challenge… 1) Intimate Relationship (The Lord came and stood there…) 2) God wants to speak … Continued

Rob Hibbitt  |  9-05-21

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Acts 21:17-40

Rob unpacks the misunderstandings and the ironies associated with Paul the apostle’s ministry in Acts 21:17-40.

Rob Hibbitt  |  18-04-21

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