Our Vision

A vision is something we are aiming for and aspiring to achieve, so that, as Christians, we are effective and productive. Below is our vision statement:

To enjoy God the Father, through the grace of Jesus Christ the King, in the power of the Holy Spirit. And through a life of worship and membership into God’s community, seek together to grow into Christ-like maturity, to extend His Kingdom and fulfil God’s given mission:
To make Christ the King known in Ringwood and beyond.

Our Aims

By having clear aims we hope to fulfil our vision, how we meet those aims is the exciting part and requires going on an adventure. By being a member of a community, who are seeking God to fulfil His vision, we intern find wonderful meaning, purpose and a family, who love us. Why not come and visit us? Below are our aims:


Enjoy God and His grace, through His Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and King, and to glorify Him forever by submitting to His Word and being led by and living by His Holy Spirit.

Express love for God through creative acts of worship and celebrating God’s goodness to us


Seek to prioritise God’s kingdom and His righteousness; and practice holiness in an atmosphere of grace.

Develop a kingdom culture, modelled on the culture of heaven, as displayed in Jesus’s life and death, His teaching and the teaching of the scriptures; as revealed by the apostles and prophets and the Holy Spirit.


Create a community which is devoted to the apostolic teaching, to friendship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer, where a kingdom culture is practised and God’s power is displayed.

Commit to building God’s chosen community, which is the church, by practising our God-given gifts, by making every effort to be in unity with our brothers and sisters in Christ; and being an active member within The King’s Church family and Commission’s family of churches.


Welcome all – through the hand of friendship and practising hospitality, building up the weak and spending ourselves on behalf of those in need.

Tell all – compelled by love and compassion with gentleness and grace, making known the great news of King Jesus, His glorious gospel of grace and His kingdom.