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Consider yourself, consider others; consider eternity

John completes our look at Jude through verses 17 -25.

John Hills  |  24-03-24

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Jude vs 5 – 16

Rob reminds us about the punishment of God for the ungodly.

Rob Hibbitt  |  17-03-24

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Contending for Christ

Through Jude vs 3 – 4 Ian teaches us when it is ok to be contentious.

Ian Pike  |  10-03-24

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The Paradox of being a slave of Christ, and yet totally free.

Len explains how we as followers of Christ as both a slave of Christ, but also totally free, and how we gain mercy, peace and love. Jude vs 1 – 2

Len Doyle  |  3-03-24

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