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Galatians 4:4

Len explains to us the fullness of time”.

Len Doyle  |  17-12-23

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The meaning of the name Jesus

Rob explains the various meanings of the name Jesus.

Rob Hibbitt  |  10-12-23

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Jesus before Jesus

Rob looks at Jesus throughout the old and new testaments, as we prepare to study the birth of our Saviour.

Rob Hibbitt  |  3-12-23

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Zechariah’s Song

Rob explores Zechariah’s Song, praising God over John the Baptist and Jesus. Luke 1:67-80

Rob Hibbitt  |  4-12-22

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Christmas Character: Simeon and Anna

The final preach in our series ‘Christmas Character’.

Rob Hibbitt  |  30-12-18

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Christmas Character: Jesus

Mark Andrews continues the series ‘Christmas Character’ by looking at our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ and the awesome wonder of his birth – The Word of God becomes flesh.

Mark Andrews  |  23-12-18

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