Rob Hibbitt

Rob leads the leadership team and is an elder alongside Mark at The King’s Church Ringwood. He is married to Kate and they have two teenage boys.

For five years Rob led a church-planting team in Bridport, Dorset, who started and established Beacon Church Bridport. Rob works full time for The King’s Church Ringwood now but has had a variety of jobs before leading churches, such as a private English tutor to foreign students, a primary school teaching assistant, a dental technician and a chef.

In his spare time, Rob likes reading and writing poetry, the creative arts, watching films and long walks.

Mark Andrews

Mark has been with The King’s Church for over twenty years, and Debbie has been with the church since it started. Music plays a big role in the life of the Andrews family; spilling over into the corporate worship life of the church, where both Mark and Debbie have served for many years.

In Mark’s spare time he enjoys fishing and watching football. He also has a love for all things sci-fi and geeky, whilst the ever-creative Debbie enjoys crafting. Together they enjoy walking in our beautiful British countryside. They have four children and recently became grandparents.

Ian Pike

Ian is currently in training, as part of the wider leadership team. Ian began attending King’s Church at the young age of 12. Growing up in the youth group; he met his wife, Laura and they have continued to worship with this church family ever since. Together, they have previously led the youth work in the church but now play an active role in other areas. Ian leads their homegroup and plays drums in the church music group. Laura heads up the worship team and is one of our Safeguarding Officers.

In his spare time, Ian enjoys fishing, nature, films, long walks and spending time with loved ones. He loves getting his teeth into the word of God as well as haribo jelly snakes!