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Consider yourself, consider others; consider eternity

John completes our look at Jude through verses 17 -25.

John Hills  |  24-03-24

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The Shepherds’ Tale

The birth of Jesus and the importance of the first visitors, the shepherds. Luke 2:1-20

John Hills  |  24-12-23

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Jonah 3

John details Jonah’s second chance.

John Hills  |  19-11-23

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John brings Paul’s message to us, to be unified as a church, to love one another through the scriptures Philippians 2:1-4.

John Hills  |  25-06-23

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Mark 16:1-8

John takes us through the remainder of the Gospel of Mark16:1-8

John Hills  |  9-04-23

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John 1:1-18

John Hills looks at John, the apostle’s incredible beginning to his gospel.

John Hills  |  16-10-22

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