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Vision Sunday

Rob shares with us our vision as individuals, and as the King’s church,

Rob Hibbitt  |  30-04-23

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God’s Great Vision

This Vision Sunday Rob looks at God’s Great Vision for all of God’s people and the world.

Rob Hibbitt  |  20-02-22

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New Venue, Same Gospel

As we enter a new season in a new venue, Rob reminds us that despite being in a new venue we are still founded on the same foundations, still seeking to fulfil the same vision and still preaching the same gospel.

Rob Hibbitt  |  1-09-19

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Fulfilling God’s Mission

Rob Hibbitt finishes the series ‘Pursuing Vision’ with a call to courageously ‘Go’ where you may never have gone before.

Rob Hibbitt  |  22-04-18

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Extending His Kingdom

Rob continues the series ‘Pursuing Vision’.

Rob Hibbitt  |  15-04-18

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Christ Like Maturity

Mark continues our ‘Pursuing Vision’ series.

Mark Andrews  |  8-04-18

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