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You need some learning before you go burning

Len teaches us about guilt offerings through Leviticus 5 : 14 – 19.

Len Doyle  |  5-05-24

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Leviticus 5 : 1-13

Len teaches us about unintentional sin and purification offerings

Len Doyle  |  21-04-24

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Leviticus 4

Rob looks at sin as we explore Leviticus 4.

Rob Hibbitt  |  14-04-24

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Leviticus 3: 1 – 17

Rob leads us through the burnt offerings in Leviticus.

Rob Hibbitt  |  7-04-24

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An Introduction to Grain Offerings

Rob continues our look at Leviticus this week with Leviticus 2:1-6.

Rob Hibbitt  |  25-02-24

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An Introduction to Burnt Offerings

Rob begins to take us through Leviticus beginning in Leviticus Chapter 1 and exploring the first of the five offerings. Here is a PDF that  will hopefully help illustrate the message (Just click here):- The Book of Leviticus

Rob Hibbitt  |  4-02-24

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