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Contending for Christ

Through Jude vs 3 – 4 Ian teaches us when it is ok to be contentious.

Ian Pike  |  10-03-24

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The King’s Church Vision

Ian defines and clarifies the King’s Church vision.

Ian Pike  |  18-02-24

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Jonah 2

Ian walks us through Jonah’s initial reaction to God’s calling.

Ian Pike  |  12-11-23

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Dedicated devotion leads to persistent promulgation

‘What the Lord wills’ – Ian takes us through Colossians 4:2-6.

Ian Pike  |  17-09-23

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Heroes of the Faith

Ian leads us through Philippians 2:19-30 to show us how we too can be a hero of the faith.

Ian Pike  |  16-07-23

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Mark 15 33-42

Ian Brings us Mark 15:33-42

Ian Pike  |  2-04-23

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