Rob looks at Samuel the prophet’s calling (1 Sam 3), its backdrop, the result and the hope that God gives and compares that with Jesus’ ministry and ours.

The application mentioned: 1 Samuel 3:10 – presents us with a prophetic challenge…
1) Intimate Relationship (The Lord came and stood there…)
2) God wants to speak to you – what is going to be your answer?
3) He’s Looking for humble servants.
4) Are you prepared to listen and obey?
What is the answer throughout scripture?
1 Sam 3:8 “Here I am, you called me.”
Isaiah 6:8 “Here I am, send me”
Hebrews 2:13 “Here I am, and the children God has given me”.
God’s calling ☎️ are you going to answer the call?
“Here I am…”

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