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Nahum 2:1-12 – Trusting God: Who is sovereign over the nations

John Hills carries on our series in the Book of Nahum.

John Hills  |  16-08-20

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God’s Purpose With Regards To His Name

John Hills continues our series in the Book of Malachi by looking at Malachi 1:10-14.

John Hills  |  7-07-19

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Praying In Every Circumstance

John Hills concludes our mini series on the topic of prayer.

John Hills  |  26-05-19

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Isaiah 42

John Hills preaches through Isaiah 42.

John Hills  |  14-04-19

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Isaiah 14

John explores Isaiah 14.

John Hills  |  10-02-19

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Acts 9:1-31

John Hills continues our series exploring the Book of Acts.

John Hills  |  19-08-18

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